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Our coaching center is proud to share that 70% of our students scored above 90% in their 12th class exams. We have students from 20 different schools studying with us, and most of the school toppers are from DD Academy. We provide personalized attention and are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.

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We are one of the premier institutes in Chennai supporting 6th to 12th students to successfully and consistently score high during their course work (all boards of education). We started our academy with 8 students in the year 2014 and successfully enrolled more than 150 students. Our esteemed teachers proved their excellence in the development of every child in terms of their scores, discipline, writing skills, exam preparation and help them in facing their exams with full confidence.

Career choice

Deciding your future career is very important steping stone of life. Even if you have a career in mind, you may come across something you hadn't previously thought of. Knowing all of your career choices can help you make the better future based on your right decision, passion and skills. At DD Academy, we document career oppurtunities information for helping you to make the right career choice and for the better world.


We offer courses in spoken English, maths, Vedic maths, and sudoku. Our courses are designed to help students improve their English communication skills, mathematical skills focus on problem-solving and critical thinking, the ancient Indian system of mathematics, which is known for its speed and efficiency and solving sudoku puzzles focus on basic techniques, advanced strategies, and tips for solving difficult puzzles.

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With innovation, our team approaches research-based study materials in understanding concepts better and deeper.

Quality Education

DD Academy understands the need of every child and provides the right solution to ensure his/her success.

Life Time Support

DD Academy supports every child's passion to connect/refer with similar alumni to ensure to find the right career path.

Career Choice

We help by providing a clear guidance and awareness program for students to make their passion into the right career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

we are supporting all boards of classess from 6th to 12th standrad students and spoken english, spoken Hindi and NEET & JEE Class.

Yes, you can visit and explore our class rooms and office at scheduled or office timings.

We accept Net Banking, UPI payments, digital wallet platforms, bank cheques or cash.

We should discuss this in our office, yes could accept if we meet valid reason for the payment.

We help by providing a clear guidance and awareness program for students to make their passion into the right career path. click here to know more.

Yes, currently we are taking interactive live video classes.

No, you don't have to take any tests to enroll.

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