2024 Results

Our 2024 Story

70% of our 12th-grade students scored above 90%

The 2024 journey is again one of outstanding achievement,not only 12th-grade, Students from 20 different schools are studying at our institute. There is at least one or more student from our DD Academy on every school's topper list. With 13 years of experience in coaching, we've perfected our methodologies to help students excel. We conduct regular tests to identify areas where each student needs improvement and tailor our teaching accordingly. Our special exam preparation methods ensure that students are well-equipped to tackle their exams with confidence. Beyond academics, we also help students decide on their career paths, clarify personal doubts, and connect them with our industrial network. Plus, we hold regular parent meetings to keep families informed and involved. This achievement reflects our dedication to providing top-notch education and comprehensive support to our students.

Why we

Weekly Test Sundays & Rigorous Material

We put our students to the test every Sunday with our comprehensive study materials. We've expanded our program to include 25 schools, so more students can benefit!

NEET & JEE with Allen Institute

We've partnered with the renowned Allen Institute to offer an orientation program that equips students with the knowledge and strategies to excel in the NEET and JEE exams.

Regular Parent-Teacher Meeting

We keep the lines of communication open with regular parent-teacher meetings. This allows us to discuss student progress and address any concerns you may have.

Interactive Student Seminars

Learning goes beyond textbooks! We hold interactive seminars where students can actively engage with the material and ask questions.

Exam Season Support

During exam season, we offer dedicated night classes to provide additional support. Plus, to keep everyone energized, parents are welcome to bring refreshments!

Recognition Beyond Grades

We celebrate more than just grades! Teachers can acknowledge exceptional effort and improvement with special awards.

Flexibility with Online Classes

We offer the convenience of online classes, making quality education accessible to everyone.

Communication Skills Boost

We go beyond academics and offer spoken English classes to equip students with the communication skills they'll need for success.

Celebrating Festival Together

We build a strong school community by celebrating festivals together with students, parents, and teachers. It's a great way to have fun and create lasting memories!

You're Family

At our institute, all students are considered part of the DD family. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

we are supporting all boards of classess from 6th to 12th standrad students and spoken english, spoken Hindi and NEET & JEE Class.

Yes, you can visit and explore our class rooms and office at scheduled or office timings.

We accept Net Banking, UPI payments, digital wallet platforms, bank cheques or cash.

We should discuss this in our office, yes could accept if we meet valid reason for the payment.

We help by providing a clear guidance and awareness program for students to make their passion into the right career path. click here to know more.

Yes, currently we are taking interactive live video classes.

No, you don't have to take any tests to enroll.