The Magic of 12th TN Board Math’s exam

We are so glad to inform you that, in our "DD Academy Chennai" YouTube channel, we uploaded 12th TN Board Math’s important questions before 20 days of the exam for the 12th students, to score well in their examination. But the surprising thing for students is from part 2 to part 4, which is part two contains 2 mark questions, part three contains 3 mark questions, part four contains 5 mark questions, these 3 parts totally contains 70 marks in the question paper. Out of those 70 marks we got 58 marks from our institutional given questions. This means 58 marks of accurate questions have appeared on the board exam question paper. We are really proud to say that 83% of the questions we uploaded on our YouTube channel are asked in the board examination.

We uploaded 12 videos from chapter 1 to chapter 12 on our 'DD Academy Chennai' YouTube channel, each video covers a chapter’s important questions. Each video maximum length is about 10-12 minutes. Approximately, a maximum of 1 hour 20 minutes duration is enough to know all the chapter's important questions, isn't it worth time spending for students?

Students from our institution and a few subscribers from our YouTube Channel from different places, who are really got good marks by just spending a few hours on our videos. From our YouTube channel, a different couple of subscribers from students and parents thank me through a call for adding these videos. But we appreciate them that they are dedicatedly interested in learning and focusing on their career growth. We are not telling that it’s just happened only from our given important questions. Even those who didn't watch our videos also scored well in their exams. But It's just a matter of a few hours if you(students) worked and practiced our given questions, with some little efforts then you(students) could gain very good marks on Math’s, am I right? Cause now most of the student's regrets are why we didn't get to know about this channel before math examination. 

We knew this before that these questions will come in the examination so we uploaded publicly on the internet to provide an equal benefit for every student from us. It's not just done as an experiment, we did this and we knew this will happen because we worked hard to understand the little strategy of examination questions, we are constantly learning what are the repeated questions are asking from 2019 to 2020, we collected the different Maths question paper from different schools. And collected first midterm tests to last revision test from 2019 - 2020 from different schools and listed some questions from PTA and we worked from collecting various sources and materials from our DD colleagues. And together we did these questions and uploaded them on YouTube.

Another main thing is our proof.

The following list of questions was asked in the Math’s question paper, which we gave earlier in our videos.

2 Marks Question no: 21, 23, 24, 26, 28 are asked from part 2.

3 Marks question no: 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 39 from part 3.

5 Marks question no: 41(a), 42(b), 43(a & b), 44(a & b), 45(b), 47(a & b) from part 4.

These are the questions we accurately uploaded on our YouTube channel before the examination.

And check out our next surprise on the 10th Math’s examination cause now we had uploaded Important exam questions for 10th Math’s students. Hope you like this article.

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